[Discuss-sudbury-model] Public Education's Escape Through ADD and Ritalin

From: David Rovner <rovners_at_netvision.net.il>
Date: Thu Feb 26 01:01:00 2004

Public Education's Escape Through ADD and Ritalin

"If used properly, Ritalin can help people with certain medical conditions. The problem with educators encouraging it as a means to alleviate or cure "ADD" is that the symptoms attributed to it are not necessarily caused by a biological, medical "disorder" that renders children unable to concentrate."

"How do you explain the fact that some kids who display ADD in the classroom show no evidence of such a syndrome when playing a video game, talking to friends on the telephone, or engaging in other intellectually undemanding activities? If ADD kids have a biological inability to focus, then how can they easily concentrate on so many activities?"

"If education's purpose is to teach a child how to live his life by developing his mind to understand reality, as it properly should be, for many decades now the John Dewey-influenced "progressive" public school system has undercut that purpose. In fact, it's become a primary cause for the decline not only in children being unable to concentrate on schoolwork, but also in test standards and the increasing number of children unable to read, write, multiply or form independent judgments."

"No wonder many children are becoming more confused, insecure, rambunctious and unable to concentrate in school."

~ David
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