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Date: Sat Feb 7 22:01:00 2004

Hi All,

Organizing this stuff is facinating.
Talking with a group on Thursday, and I was basically saying that offering
freedom and respect allows the child to become, as much as is possible, who they
really are. That if they are not subjected to some outside agenda, that they
will have so much more of their energy left to develop and become who they
And then someone came up with the question: " Of what use would that be?"
Wow! The central question. This person saw immediately the core of this
stuff. What would the results be of allowing a person to become who they are. How
could I characterize the benefits of doing that.
Of course, at this moment in my rap, I simply do not talk about results. If I
do, then they have immediately succeeded in pulling me back into the paradigm
that sees offering freedom and respect as some kind of program, some kind of
treatment, that I would be doing it like any other type of pedagogy, allways
looking and hoping for "results". Like, if it did not yield "results", I might
abandon doing it.
I only told the person that that was certainly the cutting edge question. And
that the answer to it was simply beyond me at the moment.
But guys, my best view at this moment is that the usual and prevailing
paradigm is surprisingly powerful and pervasive. It shapes a view and a perspective
and the allowable questions.
As does ours by the way.
It is stunning to offer people something else.
I love this organizing.

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