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From: Sheila <>
Date: Sat Dec 20 01:39:00 2003

I really appreciated all the input about whether my kids who are introverts would enjoy a Sudbury school. I thought I'd give an update. We did visit the school. (The Circle School in Harrisburg). Everyone was very friendly. I liked how they talked to the kids and not just to me. (Because whether or not to attend the school was the kids' decision, not mine!) You don't find that often--that the kids are treated with respect.

They did decide against the school, though. Factors included video game rules (probably the biggest factor!), the amount and types of resources, distance from our home, mandatory attendance required, our puppy, and too much time away from the family.

The boys said they have more toys at home (Thomas the tank engine, playmobil, legos) and they would be bored and miss me too much.

Our puppy missed us while we were gone, which happens from time to time but they wouldn't want to do that to him every day.

They like to stay up really late and sleep in until noon, and they couldn't do that. They also don't like the thought of spending 2 hours of each day in the car (an hour each way).

But the biggest thing is that my daughter is very into an online role playing game called Everquest. There are school rules about which ages can play which games and rules about playing violent games. Everquest is a T (teen) rated game and has violence (there are battles) and she wouldn't be able to play it there. I was surprised about that, since it seems to be an individual freedom issue rather than an issue that would affect the whole community, and it seemed to be inconsistent whole Sudbury philosophy. (I can't see John Holt agreeing that a 10 year old shouldn't be able to play a game because it's rated for Teens? ) Also, there aren't a lot of systems available and I doubt any of the playstation 2s (if there were any playstation 2s) had internet adaptors in order to play the games online (because that's expensive). They said there was nothing stopping her from forming a video game committee in order to purchase more video game resources for the school, but she said why should she go through all that when she already has everything she needs at home. I told her maybe she could influence the school to change the rule about video games but she said why should she go to all that trouble to get permission to do something that she can just stay home and do.

I don't think the idea of required chores appealed to them very much either. ;) (We all pitch in around home, but no one does something because they *have* to, only when they see the need for something and decide that they *want* to. I can see where that works better in a family than in a school but going from no required to chores to daily required chores just didn't sit well with them).

I pointed some cool things out to them, like that someone was delivering take out food to a student as we were leaving. And dd said, "Ummm, and we couldn't order pizza at home?" lol She's never been to school so she doesn't realize that some kids don't have the freedom to order pizza in the middle of the day. :)

They also didn't want to spend the family money on tuition. They acted like they thought I was nuts because I suggested spending money on tuition instead of resources for our home. My daughter was like, "Ok, you want to pay them money so I can go there and try to talk them into buying more video game systems and changing their video game rules when I could just spend the money on stuff for our house?"

Ultimately, my 10 year old said that if she had to choose between public school and a Sudbury school she'd definitely pick the Sudbury school. But since the choice is between unschooling and the Sudbury school, she picks unschooling.

Anyway, I still really like the concept of Sudbury schools and if there was one within 15 min of our home and there were no required hours, it might be a consideration for us.

I thought maybe some Sudbury people would be interested in hearing the perspective of one family who decided against the school.

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