[Discuss-sudbury-model] "mind-numbingly difficult"

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Date: Fri Dec 19 21:23:01 2003

Hi All,

A few weeks ago, on this list, the work of building one of these schools was
described as
"mind-numbingly difficult". The phrase has been with me since and I have
turned it over and over.

For me, it doesn't fit. To me, it would be "mind_numbingly difficult" to
raise a child without one of
these schools or even just the hope of one of these schools. To send your
child out into that vast
array of usual and prevailing education, and to do that even after you had
seen Sudbury, even
after you had seen free children, that, that, would be "mind_numbingly

I guess I am just too simple a thinker. But take a careful and detailed and
reasoned look at that
huge mountain of stuff that is called "education"; and then take a look at
Sudbury. Take a careful
and detailed and reasoned look.

I must be too simple. To me, building these schools, is joy.

All of you, whether you see this work as difficult or as joy, are invited to
come and visit us at
A FULL TABLE ( afulltable.com).

Bill Richardson
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