[Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: Welcome to the "Discuss-sudbury-model" mailing list

From: <reb_at_philadelphiafreeschool.org>
Date: Fri Dec 19 19:25:01 2003

Hello friends,

I am returning to this list after a coupla/three years' hiatus. I look
forward to hearing new and old perspectives, here.

Some of you may know me from my work in Sudbury model schools from
1996-2000, or from my visit to your school, workshop, founders' meeting,
or conference before, since, or during that time. I hope some of you will
get to know me from my new work with the Sudbury Education Resource
Network. Finally, I am happy to share news about the newest and most
exciting sud-related project I've had the good fortune to be involved in.
That's the Philadelphia Free School. [Coming soon.]

Robert "Reb" Murphy
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