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>Hi all,
>From time to time, people write me emails requesting that
>this-or-that article which s/he or someone else has written
>to the list be removed from the archive.

That's why we don't have an archive on one of our most sensitive listserves, the IDEC (International Democratic Education Conference) list. It has people all over the world, including in some areas in which they could potentially come under attack for something that someone posted.

Jerry Mintz
Alternative Education Resource Organization

>I'd like to take this moment to set the record straight.  I
>will not undertake to edit or alter the archives.  The
>archives are a true record of what has passed through this
>To clarify my position on the archives, I have added a fifth
>rule to the list of basic rules for the
>discuss-sudbury-model mailing list, though I had long hoped
>that this rule was basic common-sense.  To wit:
>5: Write your messages carefully! The list is not moderated,
>and the listowner will _not_ remove messages from the
>archive simply because a person regrets something that s/he
>or another member of the list has said.
>Thank you,
>--Scott David Gray
>reply to:
>Our whole modern view of reality tends to see knowledge as
>real and reliable only when it is quantifiable and put on a
>table or a graph. However, those aspects of our lives that
>are most distinctively human are least suited for reduction
>to numbers.
>-- Dick Keyes
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