[Discuss-sudbury-model] Archives, list rules

From: Scott David Gray <sdg_at_sudval.org>
Date: Fri Dec 19 14:02:00 2003

Hi all,

From time to time, people write me emails requesting that
this-or-that article which s/he or someone else has written
to the list be removed from the archive.

I'd like to take this moment to set the record straight. I
will not undertake to edit or alter the archives. The
archives are a true record of what has passed through this

To clarify my position on the archives, I have added a fifth
rule to the list of basic rules for the
discuss-sudbury-model mailing list, though I had long hoped
that this rule was basic common-sense. To wit:

5: Write your messages carefully! The list is not moderated,
and the listowner will _not_ remove messages from the
archive simply because a person regrets something that s/he
or another member of the list has said.

Thank you,

--Scott David Gray
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