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I understand the daily hour minimum attendance is a amndatory by law... but
I asked once if they had a policy for kids taking time off the school
calendar (for traveling or just a break) and I was told they required that
the children attend school long enough to be considered part of the
community (consistency...).

I thing in any community there are the 'always present' and the 'come and go
 kind. They should allow children to take time off the school routine (if
they so wish).

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I suppose it is the difference between "democracy" and anarchy.
Even though democracy at SVS is much better than democracy in a national
Democracy at SVS is a direct democracy. Compare with representative
democracy" that we have in all nations all over the world.

I hope the rational for minimum attendance rules IS NOT enhancing
consistency and school culture.
I would say it is more "(law and) order as foundations of discipline".
And . . . school's staff responsibility towards parents.
~ David Rovner

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hi all ~ as a hopeful sudbury starter, i have a question for which i would
appreciate any responses. have any of the sudbury schools tried operating
without the minimum attendance requirements? i understand the rational for
minimum attendance rules is that it enhances consistency and school culture,
but i still struggle with the idea of making the school compulsory in any
way. thank you for your time and thoughts on this.
~ molly mancasola

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