Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Principal Certification?

From: Sheila <>
Date: Thu Dec 4 14:59:00 2003

I'm an unschooler and agree with the Sudbury philosophy of education. I've
considered sending my kids to a Sudbury school. The certification of the
staff persons had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I'd choose
the school--I didn't even ask.

I think that it might help convince parents in cases where the parents don't
*really* grasp the way learning in a Sudbury works, but other than that I
can't see where it would be a help.


> > My spouse and I are approaching this transition collaboratively; one of
> > thinks completing the
> > requirements for public school principal certification might give me
> > additional credibility for
> > the day that I am involved in a new Sudbury school and am trying to give
> > parents and students
> > confidence that this new school will be a good place for the student.
> > other one of us thinks
> > that the educational approaches of Sudbury and traditional schools are
> > distinct for a
> > principal certification to be helpful or to add credibility.
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