Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Principal Certification?

From: Hilary Tuttle <>
Date: Wed Dec 3 08:38:00 2003

Hi Peter,

It seems to me that becoming certified as a principal would be a detriment
to starting a SVS model school. It's hard enough to grasp the "SVS idea"
without being sent mixed messages.

Hilary Tuttle

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> Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 22:10:55 -0500
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> Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Principal Certification?
> I began to learn about the Sudbury Valley School right as I began a graduate
> program in education.
> The time I spent at SVS transformed my thinking on education and I no longer
> see working in a
> traditional setting. I would like to one day actively support a Sudbury
> School.
> My spouse and I are approaching this transition collaboratively; one of us
> thinks completing the
> requirements for public school principal certification might give me
> additional credibility for
> the day that I am involved in a new Sudbury school and am trying to give
> parents and students
> confidence that this new school will be a good place for the student. The
> other one of us thinks
> that the educational approaches of Sudbury and traditional schools are too
> distinct for a
> principal certification to be helpful or to add credibility. I have spoken
> with some people at
> SVS about this and would also like to turn to those of you who have thoughts
> on the subject to
> hear your views in hopes that this might help us the resolve our gridlock.
> Thank you very much
> for your time.
> Peter
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