Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS Grads & college

From: Mimsy Sadofsky <>
Date: Sun Nov 23 03:10:00 2003

In the 35 years of history of Sudbury Valley School, there has never
been, to the knowledge of the school (which is pretty complete) a
graduate who wanted to go on to college who could not.

That said, I might add that in all of the parts of this country that I
know about, there are no students at all, no matter where they went to
school, and no matter whether they have a diploma, a GED, or nothing
at all, who cannot get into college. The Community College system is
beautifully set up to insure this.


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>I'm writing to ask if there has ever been a Sudbury Valley School
>graduate who wanted to go on to college, who could not get into
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