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My name is Bernard Geyer.

I was already on the list for a certain time, but was to busy elsewhere to be active.

Now I am here again. For whose who don’t remember me, I am a French musicien and music teacher.

More about me can be found here :


There are also informations about the music-school that I managed from 1993 to 1997


this was my first attempt to make something that has to do with children and democratic learning.


 Now I try to make a Sudbury starting group here in France.

The persons actually interested by my project are mainly parents who homeschool their little children, and the most interested person is Catherine Kremer who has a corporation of alternative parenting and who make many workshops with parents and future parents. The book she published recently “Elever son enfant … autrement” http://www.laplage.fr/Enfance_Education_Alternative.html

is very interesting and covers a huge amout of aspects of child rearing, including alternative schooling. She put also in her book an article of one page that I wrote about the Sudbury model schools, including some differences with the Summerhill model that is a little known by French people.


I would like also to thank Martin Wilke and Henning Graner (from the Berlin starting group) for their support.


Actually 2 persons help me to translate the free texts from the sudval.org site (with the authorization of Mimsy Sadofsky), this is more difficult that I was thinking before.

And by the way I realized that my understanding of the model is not so big that I supposed before, so I realize that it is necessary to read much more, not only “Starting a Sudbury School” that I already have. There are many questions that I found no answer in the archive, so perhaps I can ask them here and people can give me some answers or redirect me to existing books that treat the subject.


The people in my group are not very active for the moment, but I suppose that they want to know more before been more engaged. I know that I also have to make more advertissments, but the translations used to need more time that I expected.





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