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From: Carol Hughes <>
Date: Fri Nov 21 10:56:00 2003

Hi Mike,
I sent the following letter to the writer of this article. Couldn't resist.

Hi Jason,
I read your article with interest. My three children attended Sudbury
Valley School in Massachusetts for 15 years. It is always a certain irony
to me that articles about Sudbury schools necessitate a comment from
traditional educators as to the validity of these methods. Would you, if
doing an article about writers, consult a novelist for their opinion
regarding methodology in writing for the press? Time and again the opinions
expressed by traditional teachers/administrators are based on cursory
information at best. I am curious how much exposure and knowledge Shepard
has first hand about a Sudbury Model. The reservations are expressed based
on what?

Shepard said school staff would have to take extra care to ensure that
students do not shy away from subjects they may not like." I would want to
see to what extent they pursue interests over time,'' said Shepard. "Can
they choose not to involve themselves in math and science? That could be a
problem.'' Tis a myth, it seems to me, that students who do not have an
interest in a subject will over time get interested, if forced to study a
subject. Everyone has a subject that doesn't interest them. This kind of
quote simply shows a mindset which is looking for the Sudbury Model to be
accomplishing the same goals as a traditional school. Wrong measuring

The problems with modern day schools, in my opinion, stem from a fixed idea
of the educational model. I feel passionately that we must all take a good
hard look at they quality of students being produced by traditional models.
The media can take a very positive role here if they would also try on new
methods of observation when viewing something different from the typical
mainstream existence. Wouldn't it be grand if the media asked for input
from those of us knowledgeable about alternative means of approaching
education whenever there is an article about traditional schools?

Thanks for listening,
Carol Hughes

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> In today's San Francisco Chronicle:
> >>Concord school lets students rule
> >>At Diablo Valley, kids guide the curriculum
> here's the link to the full article:
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