RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] sq. feet per child

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 11:32:01 2003


I can give you a sense of what the consensus was in our original
building, but as Stuart mentioned a big mitigating factors are the
number of rooms, the layout, and the nature of the culture (some
students, if they are kind of nuts, tends to count as more than one
student, etc.).

So based on a 2400-sq-foot building with 11 rooms including bathrooms
and kitchen:

- 24 students seemed alternately idyllic and boring. Mostly boring to
the students, though.
- 35 students seemed farily ideal, but we had kind of a chaotic culture
- 50 students started to seem fairly crowded, but worked better than we
thought it would.
- 60 students was almost unbearable, especially during the winter

Currently we have 72 students and a total of approximately 7000 square
feet in our two buildings, right now it feels to me like we could have
another 40-50 students in the building no problem. As long as they
weren't 40-50 new students, all at once.

So I guess my analysis of all this is given the average sized-room of
around 200 square feet (including bathrooms), I think most of us at
Fairhaven would agree that 50-75 square feet per student is what seems
the most optimal.


Joe Jackson
Fairhaven School
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