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Date: Sat Nov 8 06:17:00 2003

Hi Shelley,
Optimal ?
Take a look at this, maybe it can be figured out:

Kfar Saba Democratic School's design has won a citation award by

About design share:
"DesignShare is an online journal, forum, and library of school designs. The
site fosters best practices and innovation in schools from early childhood
through the university level. More than 20,000 architects, planners,
educators, and facility decision makers visit the site each month"

 From the award report:

" The Democrat School is a twelve year grade school, starting at the age of
six years old up to eighteen years old and includes matriculation exams. The
school is located in the heart of an orchard, as part of an agriculture farm
in the eastern side of the city.

Democracy is everywhere. Each individual student get special attention and
an emphasis is put on Personality rather than Technologies. The is a
Parliament - the heart of the school. The decisions are made by students and
staff who have equal votes. The openness of ideas is reflected in the
openness of the design. Volumes, open and closed spaces, a variety of areas,
hierarchy of size, scale and flexibility were the means to achieve this
atmosphere. The school is environmentally friendly, with wooden roof
construction and natural materials."

~ David Rovner

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> Hello,
> I am part of a start-up group in Ottawa, Canada and we are in the process
> inquiring about locations. We hope to start with a space that would
> accommodate 25 kids with room for expansion. I don't have a sense of how
> much space is optimal for 25 kids. Is there a general number (square feet
> per child) that is suggested we work with?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Shelley Welchner
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