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Date: Mon Nov 3 00:26:01 2003

Dear Elizabeth and Anne and Blake and Carol Hughes and all the folks,

Now go ahead and tell me right off if I'm wrong. If I ain't readin you right.
If I'm missin somethin. But when I hear you, I hear this thunderous explosive
blast of expression, like "Wait", "Stop", "Check the ever lovin hell out of
this". It's like "Can you believe it, these people are actually talking about
treating a child as a human being, can you believe it!!!". And then to go and
be at Sudbury. And to have seen seven or a "billion" years of actually seeing
a child, your own child, treated as a human being. Tell me guys, tell me
straight away, tell me I ain't hearing flat out stoned screamin joy.

God I love organizing this stuff. I love all of you. I can hear the screams
in my bones.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson
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