Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Hypothetical Question Re. Commestibles in Sudbury Schools

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Fri Oct 31 14:17:00 2003

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From: "Ardeshir Mehta" <>
> But is the text of the Rule Book decided upon democratically or
> autocratically? If the latter, it would seem to undermine claims of
> democratic structure of the school(s)!

Democratically by the School Meeting.

> But could the School Meeting also *permit* otherwise *illegal*
> substances? As for instance was apparently the case at Summerhill with
> tobacco and alcohol?

I don't know if your last statement is correct, as I don't know what the
relevant laws were in England at that time.

As to the first part, yes the School Meeting could do so, but it would mean,
in all likelihood, voting the school out of business as a result, since the
regulating authorities would not allow such a school to operate.

~Alan Klein
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