Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Hypothetical Question Re. Commestibles in Sudbury Schools

From: Ardeshir Mehta <>
Date: Fri Oct 31 13:11:01 2003

On Friday, October 31, 2003, at 07:26 AM, Alan Klein wrote:

> As a start, the schools of which I am aware incorporate national,
> state, and local laws into their Rule Book by reference.

But is the text of the Rule Book decided upon democratically or
autocratically? If the latter, it would seem to undermine claims of
democratic structure of the school(s)!

> Other than that, any School Meeting could ban particular (otherwise
> legal) substances from the school.

But could the School Meeting also *permit* otherwise *illegal*
substances? As for instance was apparently the case at Summerhill with
tobacco and alcohol?


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