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From: Jesse Gallagher <>
Date: Fri Oct 31 10:22:00 2003

Some Sudbury schools do have a more flexible tuition policy. In our school (Hudson Valley Sudbury School), we have the policy that we will not turn away any student due to inability to pay the full tuition. We will work with families that can't pay the full tuition to determine what they can pay. Other schools have financial assistance policies and I think some have sliding scales for tuition. There is even one Sudbury school that is publicly funded.
The bottom line for me and our school right now is that I know a Sudbury school can't thrive and grow with a tiny enrollment, so we are willing to experiment and take the risk that our tuition policy will eventually back-fire in order to quickly increase our enrollment.



I think what you are seeing is not a problem in the model, but the simple fact that most Sudbury schools are still very young. Most Sudbury schools are still in their start-up period (meaning the period of time between the start of a business and the time it reaches financial stability).

Thanks for your thoughts, Jeff. I appreciate your taking the time to share what you're doing out there in NY. I also appreciate your willingness to adapt to your conditions. I don't know what arguments Dan Greenberg uses to disparage sliding tuition, but I happen to agree with your rationale.
As for parents being more powerfully involved by raising the full tuition--without more information, I can't wrap my head around this idea. On the surface, it sounds like a a fairly uncreative rationalization. Is that one of the "canon" responses to the questions of Sudbury school tuition?
Raising and paying full tuition for my kids would powerfully involve me in spending time away from my family to earn money.


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