Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] socioeconomic status of staff

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 22:14:01 2003

Jesse Gallagher wrote:

> I've always liked the Albany Free School's (I think--I might have my
> schools mixed up) answer to the staff $$ issue. I believe they began
> providing cooperative housing for staff, thereby easing the financial
> burden on the individuals in a BIG way and still keeping school costs
> manageable.
> I think they might run a cooperative business as well.
> Let's face it--the free school model isn't going to make anybody any
> money and it certainly isn't going to draw funding from mainstream
> sources. Creativity and a willingness to shoot from the hip now and
> again seem to be the orders of the day.

Albany Free School is a very exceptional case. They managed to buy up
the entire area around their school in the 60's (I think) for very, very
little money. They were basically falling down and with a lot of sweat
equity they made them all livable. Most schools don't this option.

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