lets close this up! (was Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] socioeconomic status of staff)

From: Elizabeth Marrin <e_marrin_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Oct 30 00:07:01 2003

Ok, This has gone too far.

I have a magic wand handed down to me from my fairy godmother.
And with this wand, I swipe my name and interpretations of my
opinions from all other people's posts. *POOOOOF* (And this is
double-duty especially outdated posts.)

I do this because I'm done with having "outbursts" or "opinions"
or "negativity" and prefer no more discussions regarding my
interpretation, my opinion, and whatever personal issue I may
have had now or in the past. I request the deepest respect to
let the issues attached to my personal quest drop, as there is
no practical reason to talk about it. Any further commentary on
my name should be directed to my personal email recycle bin and
not posted to this community.

I apologize for whatever emotional distress I've caused anyone,
especially for somehow eliciting references to statements made
10 months ago. And if this can be the final comment on the
topic of me and my name or my personal opinion or my emotional
quest for finding answers to difficult questions, I would warmly
welcome it and emphatically ask you for all of your maturity in
making this happen.

Again, thank you for your respect.


--- Scott David Gray <sgray_at_sudval.org> wrote:
> I didn't respond because I don't like to repeat myself
> unneccesarily. You (or anyone) can read my remarks on this
> line of argument at
> Interestingly, those statements were written in response to
> Elizabeth during her last outburst of bitterness over SVS's
> unwillingness to give any kind of special treatment or
> preference to alumni of Harvard's Graduate School of
> Education.
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