RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How can a young adult get into the world of Sudbury / unschooling?

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 19:09:00 2003

I feel like Blake's original post confirmed that he was familiar with
SVS's internship program; his question is the much larger question of
staffing at Sudbury Schools.

I regret that Elizabeth interpreted my post as criticising her
personally, but it is a fact that she is ignorant of the
employment/current hiring needs of Sudbury Schools at large. Perhaps
"sour grapes, anger and cynicism" as being the tone and motivation of
her post went too far? I apologize if that is the case, I hope she can
understand how someone could read her post and make that mistake...

Just for the record, it is possible for someone to do a single site
visit and be elected at Fairhaven. You can also be paid right off the
bat. And they hired two new staff members this year, and will likely
add additional ones in the future. But of course that is only my
opinion and is up to Fairhaven School Meeting. But just a word of
caution: don't expect that university degrees will help anyone get a
job. I have found that performance is usually all that matters with
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