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From: Elizabeth Marrin <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 18:20:59 2003

I responded publically to Blake because I had to. There is
possibly no better school than SVS (still undiscovered to me
because I can't get in the front door). My only concern is that
while schooling is for the kids, and justly so, there are bodies
of people currently being educated and currently in schools of
education or almost about to go into schools of education
dreaming of one day being in a place like SVS. The minute
graduation occurs, after all the exerience (not that of a
parent, not that of an administrator - but that of a growing
young mind just discovering what is possible) one has, to then
knock on SVSs door (or phonecall or email, whatever/however you
do it) just to be told that 1. ya can't 2. ya can't right now 3.
ya can't because you have no money 4. ya can't because we don't
do it that way 5. ya can't because (fill in the blank)
then no matter what part of the equation you talk about, the
system has flaws.

That's why I wrote to Blake. I didn't mean to "tear down the
wall" and knock it, but I expected some sort of downpour on me.

Whatever... people will dump on me and think they know me. I
point out flaws of a system and then people dump on me. That's
life, isn't it now.

But when you, Monica, dare make an assumption about my inner
spirituality, you are making the same unjustified claims that
Joe did. You simply cannot comphrehend an entire spiritual
being through email, especially emails that have directed
complaints/problems with the system. You simply cannot judge me
on that level. And if you're putting me on trial, you're
missing the point and not discussing the issue anyway.
"Elizabeth" is not the issue, whoever you fantasize her to be.

SVS is not a "can do" when it comes to a young generation
boundless and ebullient.

And there's nothing wrong with telling someone to take the gift
of enthusiasm and passion to another area of life. SVS doesn't
have provisions to even consider a completely new kind of young
adult, one who has transitioned quickly to the place of being
ready... To prove one's self to a community without getting
paid is not a simple feat -- this flaw may eventually be
changed, but the fact that I continue to talk about it does not
mean I'm a spiritually devoid being. What kind of person would
make it personal and attack the author but not the text?


--- <> wrote:
> exerpt:
> "Joe, you really shouldn't talk about someone you've never
> met.
> I'm not cynical, ignorant, nor am I curmudgeon. I am not
> angry,
> virtuously poor, and whatever bad words you can think of to
> describe who I am --- certainly you cannot have any claim in
> knowing me. You can't create an imaginary state of being for
> me
> to exist in, and describe my identity as if you know me. I've
> been psychologically beaten down by this online community, by
> you, by a parent who dared to tell me that I wasn't loyal
> enough
> to the community to deal with suffering with huge outstanding
> school debts and still volunteer my life energy away. Those
> are
> documented truths, so cut the crap and talk without describing
> me as some necessary literary character in a novel we all
> love."
> Elizabeth,
> I knew immediately from the beginning of both of your emails
> that they were from you without even looking at the signature
> line. Perhaps you don't see yourself in the terms that Joe
> described. Perhaps you would describe yourself as loving,
> upbeat, and fun, but that is not the face that you have shown
> to this list.
> I'm not a parent. I'm not a Sudbury teacher or administrator.
> My only interest or claim to this ideal is that I believe it
> is the healthiest one for the children of this world. I'm
> interested in people's experiences and joys. I'm interested
> in a world that has room for people to create their own
> experiences and joys. Yet, every time I see an email from you
> my heart sinks. I usually just skip them. IMy experience
> with reading your emails is that I never feel good after
> reading them. You always sound angry and I would say
> spiritually poor. My question for you is, since you obviously
> have nothing good to say about Sudbury, since you can't speak
> of the schools without anger, what exactly are you trying to
> create with your emails?
> Hoping for happiness for you,
> Monica
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