RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How can a young adult get into the world of Sudbury / unschooling?

From: Elizabeth Marrin <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 16:45:01 2003

There is no true democracy in this gig because they're only
democratic with those inside the community. The tricky part is
to figure out how to belong. You can't just go on a site visit
and then be voted in. A truly democratic community would be
more expansive and less restrictive. The onus on the potential
young staff outsider is to sacrifice healthy living. And if you
choose to live a healthy live, they ask you what would it take
to sacrifice for you to have dreams fulfilled. Which is total
BS. There is a bigger, better world out there of alternative
education... And if you, Blake, feel the thirst to explore self
creation through education, go blaze a trail...

Joe, you really shouldn't talk about someone you've never met.
I'm not cynical, ignorant, nor am I curmudgeon. I am not angry,
virtuously poor, and whatever bad words you can think of to
describe who I am --- certainly you cannot have any claim in
knowing me. You can't create an imaginary state of being for me
to exist in, and describe my identity as if you know me. I've
been psychologically beaten down by this online community, by
you, by a parent who dared to tell me that I wasn't loyal enough
to the community to deal with suffering with huge outstanding
school debts and still volunteer my life energy away. Those are
documented truths, so cut the crap and talk without describing
me as some necessary literary character in a novel we all love.

The situation is pretty bad for new blood. That's the fucking
truth. It isn't my problem anymore because I have let the dream
die, but it is the next kids, and then the next one, and the
problem will continue to replicate itself until something
serious changes.

And I don't care enough to write a letter to the most important
person who can possibly recommend what I've already recommended.

Sometime down the line someone will do that. Blake, maybe you
can take that torch. But just know what you're getting into.

It is not a good idea to waste your youth and talents here.
Your brilliance will take other routes if you let it...........


--- Joe Jackson <> wrote:
> Blake,
> Please don't let the cynicism, ignorance & sour grapes of our
> beloved
> curmudgeon, Elizabeth, get you down. She's angry, virtuously
> &
> resolutely poor, and desperately trying to muddy your waters.
> The bottom line is that staff at the schools are hired
> democratically.
> That's what's real.
> My suggestion is to contact some schools and inquire as to
> whether any
> of them are looking for new staff. Some schools are simply
> not in the
> position of paying new staff; some are. There is a list of
> schools at
> the Sudbury website.
> Best,
> Joe Jackson
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