Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How can a young adult get into the world of Sudbury / unschooling?

From: Elizabeth Marrin <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 15:38:00 2003

Boy have I been in your shoes. Turn away, and run! Run now!
It isn't worth the effort. Go start your own school. I'm very
serious. That is an easier task than to be both young and ready
to teach, but without any kind of bank account or spouse's bank
account, you can't just volunteer your time to the detriment of
your health and wellbeing.

Basically you have to be resigned to the fact that you can't
just get a job there. Their hiring practices are pretty much
only open to those who are in the good position to be able to
sacrifice (a luxury of the rich and/or stupid - and be prepared
to get some fights on your hands - just watch the reaction to
this note!) And if you can't volunteer for free (because who
can both spend their life force doing something without being
able to pay the bills) you will be questioned of your loyalty if
you cannot sacrifice. It doesn't matter to them how many
academic papers you've written, how much passion is in your
heart, and how much you yearn to be a part of the great big
story of their existence. They've got a big problem with hiring
new and fresh faces (who are actually quite enlightened but have
no ability to sacrifice).... Don't even try. It isn't worth the
fighting or the effort. Go to grad school, do some research,
and maybe when you're 40 or 50 you'll be allowed to become a
staffer. You'll have enough equity (hopefully) by then to
volunteer for free while they check you out.

Here's what they'll tell you. You somehow have to employ
yourself at a real job and get yourself in a financial way in
order to then - NOT work for pay so that you can volunteer your
business day time until they're ready to vote you in or out.

So like I said... don't try. Save your fragile and beautiful
energies and find a rather amazing cause somewhere else.

For example: The Met is a very fascinating alternative school in
Providence, RI (and elsewhere) and they hire teachers and pay


--- wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've been following this list for a while and I feel it's my
> time to ask a
> question. I discovered the Sudbury philosophy and critical
> thought on the
> school system in general much earlier this year and I
> essentially found my
> passion. Making a long story short I became totally engaged
> in the subject, I
> changed my major (at UC Berkeley from astrophysics to an
> individually-designed
> one incorporating alternative education) and now I'm teaching
> a student-
> initiated class (at Berkeley) on critical thoughts on
> education, incorporating
> Sudbury, Summerhill, John Taylor Gatto, etc. I'm going to be
> graduating
> college soon, and I would like to get into the world of
> Sudbury/unschooling/alt.schooling as much as possible (after
> travelling a bit,
> of course). My question is: how?
> Sudbury Valley advised me to get a few more years of life
> experience under my
> belt before applying for work there, because students
> appreciate age and
> experience more than youth and enthusiasm/idealism. That I
> can understand;
> life experience is important, but I do not believe that
> youth/energy/passion/idealism can be totally discounted. I
> feel I could be a
> valuable addition & resource to a Sudbury-esque learning
> community. I have
> dreams of starting a school in the LA-San Diego area some day,
> but I need
> financial stability and (hopefully) experience working in a
> school first. One
> more idea I had was to act as a live-in unschooling "mentor"
> (or whatever you
> would like to call it) with an a family who desired a
> responsible, energetic,
> intelligent and driven individual to help their
> children/unschoolers find the
> resources and develop the attitude necessary to get the best
> education possible.
> Those are my ideas - I would love to hear more! Do any of the
> Sudbury schools
> out there hire young staff members? Remember, I would have to
> make a living
> wage at least.. not much, but enough. How else could I get
> experience
> practicing the philosophies that are so dear to my beliefs?
> Please e-mail me with ideas, questions, comments, or just to
> chat. Thanks,
> Blake Boles (
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