[Discuss-sudbury-model] How can a young adult get into the world of Sudbury / unschooling?

From: <blake_at_casa-z.org>
Date: Wed Oct 29 14:38:00 2003

Hi everyone,

I've been following this list for a while and I feel it's my time to ask a
question. I discovered the Sudbury philosophy and critical thought on the
school system in general much earlier this year and I essentially found my
passion. Making a long story short I became totally engaged in the subject, I
changed my major (at UC Berkeley from astrophysics to an individually-designed
one incorporating alternative education) and now I'm teaching a student-
initiated class (at Berkeley) on critical thoughts on education, incorporating
Sudbury, Summerhill, John Taylor Gatto, etc. I'm going to be graduating
college soon, and I would like to get into the world of
Sudbury/unschooling/alt.schooling as much as possible (after travelling a bit,
of course). My question is: how?

Sudbury Valley advised me to get a few more years of life experience under my
belt before applying for work there, because students appreciate age and
experience more than youth and enthusiasm/idealism. That I can understand;
life experience is important, but I do not believe that
youth/energy/passion/idealism can be totally discounted. I feel I could be a
valuable addition & resource to a Sudbury-esque learning community. I have
dreams of starting a school in the LA-San Diego area some day, but I need
financial stability and (hopefully) experience working in a school first. One
more idea I had was to act as a live-in unschooling "mentor" (or whatever you
would like to call it) with an a family who desired a responsible, energetic,
intelligent and driven individual to help their children/unschoolers find the
resources and develop the attitude necessary to get the best education possible.

Those are my ideas - I would love to hear more! Do any of the Sudbury schools
out there hire young staff members? Remember, I would have to make a living
wage at least.. not much, but enough. How else could I get experience
practicing the philosophies that are so dear to my beliefs?

Please e-mail me with ideas, questions, comments, or just to chat. Thanks,

Blake Boles (blake_at_casa-z.org)

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