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From: Candace <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 10:48:01 2003

My only response to that, is my two introverts will not go to the school. I had the dream opportunity to go from being a SAHM, to becoming a staff member at a nearby Sudbury model start-up. My children wanted nothing to do with this. They think nothing could be better than our child-initiated learning environment at home. So now I am applying what I can of the concepts within our family. I guess I could have forced them to go, but IMO, that runs counter to the philosophy behind Sudbury.
I plan to go for a visiting week once the school has a good base, and see if I can't encourage them on. It is probably more difficult for us, because my children have never attended public school, or any formal school, and they already love what they do. We have the finances to pursue their passions, and they know that ultimately they are in charge of the direction of their life/learning. I'm guessing an introverted child coming from a public school would love to attend a Sudbury school. They would know the difference!
I do wish mine could experience the community atmosphere available to students of these democratic schools, but maybe down the road. Anyone else have kids like mine, or experience with this?

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    I'm wondering how Sudbury schools work for introverts. Kids who really crave a lot of alone time. Kids who love to be home. Any thoughts?

  Do the Sudbury schools tend to attract more extroverts than introverts? Or is there a balance?

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