[Discuss-sudbury-model] RE: Why go to School ? (was: View On School)

From: Michael Hudecheck <Conarch_at_surfbest.net>
Date: Tue Oct 21 07:28:00 2003

Dear David,

     Education is what it is. If someone wants to go to a public school
because it contains or has access to, through highly educated
professors and the like, sought after information, then not only
would his reason, to get an education in a particular subject, be
valid, but if he is willing to martyr himself to gain that
information then he should by all means be supported in his endeavor.
 This has nothing to do with what form of schooling he is
participating in, or whether or not it is a publicly run school, but
rather the fact that he is interested enough in the subject at hand
to go through the hardships to get that information, and thus become
more educated in that particular subject. However, one must question
his intentions and his beliefs because, in many cases, such schools
do not have access to highly sought after information that is not
readily available through other sources.
     On a broader note, all schools are set up with the intention of
educating their pupils, whether that be in humanistic practices,
liberal arts, arithmetic, or methods to achieve happiness. Public
schools are failures not because they subscribe to the Prussian
method of educating, although in more absolute terms it does play a
part in their failure for reasons that I will not get into in this
post, but because they are set up to either entice their pupils with
watered down snippets, or try to drive them away, forever, from those
subjects by restricting their freedom and forcing the human mind to
combine the agony of slavery with the environment of the enslaved,
containing, of course, what they believe it is they are being
educating in.

Michael Hudecheck
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