RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Can a Democratic School Provide a Jewish Education?

From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 22:23:00 2003

I think the key to healthy, self-confident kids is much more parental
involvement, than parental style. If parents are laid back and have few
rules, but aren't involved with their kids' lives...not good. Same with a
strict environment: if there's lots of rules, but no parental involvement,
the kids suffer. It isn't the amount of control, it's the amount of
attention, interaction, interest from parent to children.

Thus, if parents laid down religious rule on their kids, without modeling it
for them, without loving them, or being with them a lot, or giving them
plenty of their time...those kids would end up disinterested, disliking
their parents perhaps...maybe going off the deep end.

In our family, Christianity is the religion. My husband and I are both
Christians, and our kids profess that faith, as well. How have we "taught"
it to them? We pray together once in awhile. When we go on hikes, we talk
about the Creation around us, and how it mirrors God's glory. They see us
read our Bibles; they choose their Bibles to read, now and then. It isn't a
rule "you must read your Bible every day" Ultimately, as they are exposed to
other beliefs (and this does happen, more frequently for our older
kids) will be up to them to choose. But I live my faith in my house,
with my kids here. They see it in action (I hope L)

If a Sudbury type school were to have religious people on staff...the kids
at that school would be exposed to those religions. If parents are of a
religion, they will (I would hope) be living out the tenets of that
religion, and the exposure the kids received would primarily be that
religion, esp. in early years. Why not?


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>Jewish Education?
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>I wonder what happens to children of parents who see religion as another
>of control over individual/spiritual self. Following the freedom/democracy
>platform, shouldn't children be exposed to all philosophies before they are
>'told' what is right for them?
>(Notice I did not use the word atheist, because I'm not talking about
>in God, but about rules & guides).
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>It is also a Christian tenet, that the fathers are to teach their
>children...and most would extrapolate that to "parents"...
>In my personal studies about teaching and learning, I looked up every
>incident of those words, in the OT and the NT, and found this: parents are
>to teach about God; children are to heed the words of their fathers; human
>beings learn from God, from Creation, and from other human beings. What I
>was looking for were passages to support parents teaching EVERYTHING to
>their children, but that was not to be found. Apprenticeship is mentioned
>the OT; learning from such creatures as the ant and the badger is
>learning the ways of the Lord from one's parents is mentioned (evidently
>that IS the way kids are to learn their religion)...but learning seems to
>come from observation "look to the ant, thou sluggard"...
>Exploration of the world, with experienced human beings available as needed
>(parents in the case of a homeschool; staff in a Sudbury school)...that
>seems to be the most human, more natural way.
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