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Subject: The Menace of State "Education": Daniel Greenberg - "Free at Last"

> Try democratic schools, where children (and "teachers") can be themselves.
> http://www.sudval.org
> http://www.sudval.org/texts/freelast.html
> "Free at Last"
> Daniel Greenberg
> "The Sudbury Valley School is a place where children are free.
> "Their natural curiosity is the starting point for everything that happens
> at the school.
> "Here, students initiate all their own activities. The staff, the plant,
> equipment are there to answer their needs. Learning takes place in formal
> and informal settings, in large and small groups, or individually. All
> are free to mix at all times. The dynamics among students of different
> helping each other learn about everything from human relations to math, is
> one of the greatest strengths of the school.
> "Students share responsibility for their own environment, and for the
> quality of life at school. The school is managed by the weekly School
> Meeting, where every student and staff member has a vote: an education at
> Sudbury Valley is also an education in hands-on democracy."
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> "What our schools need to teach chikdren nowadays is to be flexible in
> thinking, to be confident in their ability to make decisions and above all
> to feel responsible for their own lives as well as for their own
> communities. These teachings can only be imparted to people who know who
> they are, to those who are themselves."
> ["To Thyself Be True," Hanna Greenberg, The Sudbury Valley School
> Experience.]
> "Intellectual creativity, professional excelence, personal responsibility,
> social toleration, political liberty -- all these are the finest creations
> of the human spirit. They are delicate blossoms that require constant
> All of us who are associated with Sudbury Valley are proud to contribute
> this care."
> http://www.sudval.org/texts/bac2basc.html
> ["Back to Basics," Daniel Greenberg, The Sudbury Valley School
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> "The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off."
> Dr Chris R. Tame
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> but I would prefer that to their being educated by the state."
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