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Almost enough said.
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"The truth is that schools don't really teach anything except how to obey
John Taylor Gatto.

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> "I Quit, I Think"
> John Taylor Gatto
> Government schooling is the most radical adventure in history. It
> kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood and
> by teaching disrespect for home and parents. The whole blueprint
> of school procedure is Egyptian, not Greek or Roman. It grows from
> the theological idea that human value is a scarce thing,
> represented symbolically by the narrow peak of a pyramid.
> That idea passed into American history through the Puritans. It
> found its "scientific" presentation in the bell curve, along which
> talent supposedly apportions itself by some Iron Law of Biology.
> It's a religious notion, School is its church. I offer rituals
> to keep heresy at bay. I provide documentation to justify the
> heavenly pyramid.
> Socrates foresaw if teaching became a formal profession, something
> like this would happen. Professional interest is served by making
> what is easy to do seem hard; by subordinating the laity to the
> priesthood. School is too vital a jobs-project, contract giver and
> protector of the social order to allow itself to be "re-formed."
> It has political allies to guard its marches, that's why reforms
> come and go without changing much. Even reformers can't imagine
> school much different.
> David learns to read at age four; Rachel, at age nine: In normal
> development, when both are 13, you can't tell which one learned
> first -- the five-year spread means nothing at all. But in school I
> label Rachel "learning disabled" and slow David down a bit, too.
> For a paycheck, I adjust David to depend on me to tell him when to
> go and stop. He won't outgrow that dependency. I identify Rachel
> as discount merchandise, "special education" fodder. She'll be
> locked in her place forever.
> In 30 years of teaching kids rich and poor I almost never met a
> learning disabled child; hardly ever met a gifted and talented one
> either. Like all school categories, these are sacred myths,
> created by human imagination. They derive from questionable values
> we never examine because they preserve the temple of schooling.
> That's the secret behind short-answer tests, bells, uniform time
> blocks, age grading, standardization, and all the rest of the
> school religion punishing our nation. There isn't a right way to
> become educated; there are as many ways as fingerprints. We don't
> need state-certified teachers to make education happen -- that
> probably guarantees it won't.
> How much more evidence is necessary? Good schools don't need more
> money or a longer year; they need real free-market choices,
> variety that speaks to every need and runs risks. We don't need a
> national curriculum or national testing either. Both initiatives
> arise from ignorance of how people learn or deliberate
> indifference to it. I can't teach this way any longer. If you hear
> of a job where I don't have to hurt kids to make a living, let me
> know. Come fall I'll be looking for work.
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