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Date: Thu Oct 9 22:08:00 2003

Dear teachers and parents of Sudbury schools,

Thank you for existing and emerging into this world. You are a blessing from within.

I have been searching for material that will begin my application for next year's Alternative Teacher Certification. I am looking for a program that allows me to receive a work study exchange or full scholarship to the program. I have been looking for locations that provide educational training in the lightworkers and indigo children approach.

I am excited to say, after only three short years (and going), that my personal journey, outside of the "full time student" career (I received my B.A. in socialcultural anthropology from Sarah Lawrence College), has allowed a spiritual and emotional development to align with the talents I wish to bring to community.

I know that part of my continuing education will ultimately lead me to work with non-profit organizations and children.
I would love to begin building my training in a spiritually structured and hands-on approach to discovering life with children. Life will always be a classroom, but like any practice, I need the actual framework for practical guidance.

That is what brings me to the dreams of integrating dance movement therapy (more training I am looking forward to studying) and early childhood education. I wish to take these certifications to a bigger picture down the road (a five to ten year plan) that works with grass roots native indigenous people and non-profit organizations.

I believe in a collaborative of magic; modernity and ancestry. I believe that is the the path that will allow for co-creation with our higher essence and true use of increasingly productive energy and intellect (in all its forms) with the environment.

I am looking at various models that are linked with my interests like,Bank Street,Reggio Emilia, Paulo Frerie, Rudolf Steiner, and psychologies like Pre- and Parinatal, metaphysical (studying about "Indigo children" and ADD/ADHD), and developmental.

I am looking how to incorporate dance, movement (somatics), and play therapy into this. How to work with meditation and movement with children.

I hope this year is the bridging of where I would like to reside for the duration of my education, and application of the scholarships, as well as a deeper rooting of my personal practice of self evol(o)ving.

This training is not to move into the already established and mainstream institutes in place (no P.S. or private schools are going to sap me of this idealism, I want people who believe and need this for their children), but for the quickly developing, sustainable, and international communities that are popping up as alternatives, and they will be looking for the talents and spirit I will bring. I wish to provide this to families that desire their community to support experiential learning and continual growth for all ages. Young children, for me, seemed to be the best model to begin working with. This feels like a five year plan.

This is a free style recipe and I know the ingredients are great, but the menu is dependent on the outcome of the cooking process. I have a few standby recipes that will work as appetizer, but the chef has begun preparing her kitchen supplies (aka writing to schools and talking to people).

This is new and adventurous, and I wish to meet some wonderful guides along the way to help solidify and support my learning.

Ana Shoemaker
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