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From: Joe Jackson <shoeless_at_jazztbone.com>
Date: Wed Sep 24 22:44:18 2003

I wrote the following:
In the matter of Booroobin School, QLD Education Minister maintains,
"Parents and the community have high expectations of education and high
expectations of schools and an expectation that government will ensure
that those standards are met."
In fact, it precisely is the expectations and standards of the families
who wish to send their children to alternative schools in QLD that the
Minister chooses to ignore.
Sad that in QLD the right of Freedom of Speech for families to make
determinations as to how to raise their children has become less
important than beaurocrats, educational special interests & "Experts".
Joe Jackson

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Hi all,
Following last night's nationally broadcast ABC 7.30 Report in
Australia, the full transcript is on the ABC web site at
The quote:
"ANNA BLIGH: I don't think the question that we should ask ourselves is
"Is something good happening here or are people happy?"

The question that the non-state schools accreditation board - and
ultimately government has to be satisfied - is, "Is this a school?

"Is this an institution that is providing education that will equip
young people for the world of work and further study?"
Worth answering at:
I have written a letter, but whether it gets through moderation, I can't
Regards, Derek
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