[Discuss-sudbury-model] Booroobin's request and grounds for review of Queensland Board's decision to withdraw accreditation

From: The Booroobin Sudbury School / Derek Sheppard <booroobin_at_squirrel.com.au>
Date: Wed Sep 24 07:15:01 2003


We support and implement the fundamental democratic values of freedom, responsibility, equity, fairness, trust, respect and justice. Outcomes of this are demonstrated all the time at School, and as our long term Students and Graduates take control of their lives and become independent, pursuing their interests and passions. It is also clearly evident in our Students' Submission to the Queensland Minister for Education, now on the first page of our web site. Please read it. There's almost nothing more that needs to be said.

Our request for a Review of the NSSAB's decision was hand delivered on time on Monday, September 22 at 4.45pm to Education House for the attention of the Minister with a copy for the Board, as required.

Our Request comprised the following:
  a.. the main request and application for a Review containing 25 Grounds for the Minister to overturn the Board's decision, with human, including parents and teachers rights and children's rights at the top of the list.
  b.. a Submission from the Students, entirely initiated, composed, facilitated, and written by them, without Staff or parent involvement, along with a cartoon that summarises their thoughts about learning. All Students signed it. This is a powerful document.
  c.. A Submission about learning, and educational standards from Lois Tarling, as elected Staff and a registered teacher.
  d.. A Submission about the development,.growth and achievements of long term Students and Graduates by Lois. Since this contains private information it will not be published on the web site.
  e.. A Submission from Gary Allan, elected probationary Staff and registered teacher about reasons for retaining the accreditation and observations and personal interaction with the School, its Students and Staff, based on his experiences and current knowledge of mainstream State Schools
  f.. A letter from Jo. Sheppard, a Founder and elected Staff, about the background of involvement in State Schools and her rationale for her family's involvement in the School
All of these, with the exception of details of long term Students and Graduates, will be added to our web site www.booroobinschool.com.au

We understand that Booroobin will appear in a segment on the ABC 7.30 Report tonight.

We now need the understanding of thinking people along with written, legal and human rights support where possible. We need signatures on our online Petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/408446208

Full details of the School can be seen on our web site, along with past effects including the loss of our campus in http://www.booroobinschool.com.au/news_2002.html#link2 and the current threat to our future http://www.booroobinschool.com.au/schoolsfight.html .

Regards, Derek Sheppard
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