[Discuss-sudbury-model] More questions from Florida...

From: terri <ttand.aj_at_verizon.net>
Date: Thu Sep 18 22:37:00 2003

Thank you all for help re: staff the staff's role in a democratic
Its really great to have a resource of those who have been a part of a
school like ours!!

Our greatest struggle seems to be ignoring the FILTH throughout the
day!! :o) I'm sure that ours is not the only bunch who doesn't
automatically wash their dishes, clean up their experiments, etc. There
is no law in place regarding these type of issues, and we (staff) are
reluctant to bring one up as we are hoping that the kids recognise this
as a problem and THEY bring it up....are we being too idealistic? I
mean, do you guys point out things to your kids? See, we are trying not
to because we are trying to UN-do the fact that our kids automatically
see us as the grown-ups, authority figures, disciplinarians, etc....so
we are planning to ease into equal status of suggesting laws, etc. They
have been doing a pretty great job of cleaning up at the end of the day,
although I do see a day when they are going to revolt and decide to not
clean at all....

Right now the moderator (who checks on the others' work) is also
cleaning what the others don't do.....I don't know if that was actually
part of her duties but she ws pretty upset the last 2 days because
people weren't completing their duties. We are in Florida and where food
is concerned, bugs can come quickly, so leaving it accumulate is really
not an option. She did fine the offenders, but I'm sure everyone's jobs
were made more difficult by the fact that they were so messy today. We
operate out of 2 houses (lovingly referred to as Left Brain & Right
Brain due to their location & what they house) and both houses were
pretty well trashed today....

....Thank you!!...terri<><

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