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Date: Tue Sep 16 23:36:00 2003


By way of introduction, my name is Terri and I am a staff member at a
new democratic school in Florida. We are unique in that we are a 2 day
program for homeschooled children. We have just celebrated our 3rd
actual day of the program and now have a question for those more
experienced folks...

Our program day runs from 9:30 to 3:30 with clean-up beginning at 3:10.
The situation in question is regarding the fact that some students are
keeping their parents waiting (at the gate) and one of the staff
members is concerned about offending the parents.

Here is the original email:
"I am really concerned about this. . .We say our program is from
9:30-3:30, and we expect our parents to get the students there on time,
we in turn should have the kids on time to them when they come pick them
up. The nature of our program has nothing to do with the"time" when
school ends. If anything we should be teaching the kids to be curtious
to the parents and try to be prompt. If week in and out we are running
late- it in turn looks bad on the program, let alone wasting peoples
time waiting in their car. Its just not fair to do that to people. I
would like to know how we are going to "handle" this. We should discuss
this with the kids during meeting and see what they come up with about
being done on time and looking out for their parents who are out their
waiting for them. I bellieve we need to help them be aware of this.
Not a -whenever you get out to the car, you do. . . "

To which I responded:
"I understand what you are saying, but here's the thing:
Lets use public school as an example:
Lets say class lets out at 3:00, but kids are still writing their
assignments cuz they waited till the last minute, or they are yapping
with their friends,etc, but mom comes and they're not ready: thats not
the school's fault or responsibility, that's THEIRS.
I agree that we could bring it up at a meeting...but I really think that
THEY should/would bring it up if their parents are getting upset with
Then they would OWN the solution because its actually THEIR problem, not
OURS (which it is as of right now). I think if they OWN the problem then
there's more of a chance they will stick with their solution. The only
way I think WE should be the ones to bring it up is if a parent
complains to US and they we can take it to the school meeting for a
solution. Just my opinion, of course. As it stands right now I saw most
of the kids with their jobs completed plenty early but they were having
so much fun they didn't leave...I thought that was pretty cool

After our research re: the Sudbury model feel like our handling--or NOT
handling--of situations like this will set the tone for our school, and
could be our demise...which would be TERRIBLE!!

Please help us sort this out?......terri<><

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