[Discuss-sudbury-model] rates of college acceptance - need quantitative data

From: Liz Godwin <ehgodwin_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Mon Sep 15 20:52:00 2003

Hello all,
        I've de-cloaked for a moment in the quest for quantitative data. :) I am
having a friendly discussion with some colleagues in education and I
believe that I read in some of the SVS literature that SVS grads, when they
do choose to pursue college, tend to get into their first choices a high
proportion of the time. I am looking for the actual numbers, from either
SVS or any Sudbury school, to back up the idea that their students can do
"as well" as public school students at this particular measure of
"success," whatever its merits (or lack thereof) may be. Seeing as how the
ability to get into a "good" college is the currency with which my
colleagues are most familiar, I thought I would start with that. Does
anyone have any numbers that could bolster this claim? Also, if anyone has
any numbers that support home- or un-schoolers doing as well, I'm all ears.

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