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From: Richard Berlin <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 16:55:00 2003

Alan Klein wrote:

>Glad to have been some help!
>I would suggest any of Dan Greenburg's books (all available from The Sudbury
>Valley School Press), particularly the earlier ones, such as "Free at Last:
>The Sudbury Valley School" and "The Sudbury Valley School Experience" .
>Hanna Greenburg's essay "The Art of Doing Nothing" (in the latter book) is
>one of my favorites, both as a parent and as a teacher!
That is what I started with, and I found them interesting and
inspiring. Then I decided I wanted a more complete picture.
I found the interviews with former students (Kingdom of
Childhood, and the audio/video tapes) and the retrospective
study (Legacy of Trust) to be both enlightening and reassuring. :-)

AND--I ordered a copy of the school handbook. Since many of
the rules are established at meetings where the students could
easily outvote the staff, I felt it would be a clear (if indirect)
indicator of how Sudbury students respond to the trust that is
placed in them, and how seriously they take the responsiblity
for their own educations.

-- Rich
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