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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 16:24:01 2003


Glad to have been some help!

I would suggest any of Dan Greenburg's books (all available from The Sudbury
Valley School Press), particularly the earlier ones, such as "Free at Last:
The Sudbury Valley School" and "The Sudbury Valley School Experience" .
Hanna Greenburg's essay "The Art of Doing Nothing" (in the latter book) is
one of my favorites, both as a parent and as a teacher!

Wishing you and Brian much joy on what can be a very exciting journey,
~Alan Klein

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> Thank you very much for your insightful advice, metaphors and examples.
> We (Brian's parents) are working very hard to find the best educational
> environment for Brian. Unfortunately, there is not a SV-type school
> within our physical range and moving is not an option at this point.
> After considering the few options we believed were doable, we offered
> the college option to Brian. We know it's not perfect but there are
> certainly some major advantages. The classes Brian chose are all taught
> by faculty who are experts in their fields. We're happy that Brian is
> taking the perspective you set forth and trying to make the most of this
> experience.
> We are open to alternative forms of learning and are willing to consider
> their feasibility for Brian and our three other children. I have seen
> numerous books, articles written about the SVS philosophy. Can you
> recommend a good starting point for us to learn more about the
> philosophy or democratic schools in general? Thanks again for your help.
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