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From: Edna Schack <e.schack_at_morehead-st.edu>
Date: Thu Sep 4 10:05:01 2003


Thank you very much for your insightful advice, metaphors and examples.
 We (Brian's parents) are working very hard to find the best educational
environment for Brian. Unfortunately, there is not a SV-type school
within our physical range and moving is not an option at this point.
 After considering the few options we believed were doable, we offered
the college option to Brian. We know it's not perfect but there are
certainly some major advantages. The classes Brian chose are all taught
by faculty who are experts in their fields. We're happy that Brian is
taking the perspective you set forth and trying to make the most of this

We are open to alternative forms of learning and are willing to consider
their feasibility for Brian and our three other children. I have seen
numerous books, articles written about the SVS philosophy. Can you
recommend a good starting point for us to learn more about the
philosophy or democratic schools in general? Thanks again for your help.

Edna Schack

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