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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 22:54:00 2003

Bruce has said it all (and very well, metaphorically speaking!) My
experiences exactly, only over an unfortunately longer time frame (graduated
in 1975)!

~Alan Klein

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From: "Bruce Smith" <>
> I last taught in the public system in 1996. I finished my teacher training
> in 1991. I'm positive that somewhere in there, I also heard the "guide on
> the side" image touted as a model for us to follow. And nothing changed,
> and as far as I can tell, since I keep up, more or less, on that district,
> nothing substantial has changed. In my experience, such things are
> sickeningly cute, virtually empty, phrases -- worth nothing, save perhaps
> to inspire yet another Sisyphus to feel better about rolling his or her
> boulder; or an eyedropper to squirt a few drops on a raging inferno, if I
> can squeeze two metaphors into one sentence. :-)
> I think what the use of such phrases shows is that in many sectors, a
> clever turn of phrase is the extent of education "reform."
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