Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Learning to think.

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 22:04:00 2003

This all seems predicated on the assumption that being "private" is
> an essential feature of the Sudbury model. But I see no reason that
> public students shouldn't have access to Sudbury schools. In fact, I
> believe there *is* a need for dedicated souls to duplicate the Sudbury
> model in the public sphere. "Human rights only for those who can
> pay for them" is not human rights at all.
> If you "of course...can't duplicate what [Sudbury] is doing," then
> I think the most instructive question to ask is "Why not?"

I just want to point out that Sudbury schools are not private schools
because they want to exclusive, it is just the only way we know how to
pay the bills. Also if you look at typical Sudbury School tuitions, you
will notice that most of them are *much* less than other private schools
in the same area. In fact the private school just down the road from
where our school will be has an $11,000 tuition. Ours is exactly half

Also, there is one public Sudbury school in Oregon:


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