Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Teacher model

From: Bruce Smith <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 18:16:00 2003


I regret if you perceive that this discussion is in any way adversarial.
Yes, I have strongly held beliefs about education. Yet I am merely
attempting to express my disagreement with your position where it occurs,
to point out gaps or inconsistencies as I see them.

In other words, I won't get adversarial if you won't! :-) Let's not worry
too much about all that, and get on with the business of vigorous debate
sans personal attacks. To the extent that I have time, I am glad to bring
my Sudbury perspective to your opinions and questions.


At 07:48 AM 9/4/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>I respect your opinion and perspective, Bruce. Please don't think of me in
>an adversarial role, as that is definitely not what I am on about. I have
>chosen to learn more about sudbury model, and I have come to this group as
>your being the experts on it, so I am following the Sudbury model of
>choosing what I want to learn and who I want to teach me.

"I suspect that when modern Americans ask 'what is sacred?'
they are really asking 'what place is mine? what community
do I belong to?'"
                 -- Kathleen Norris, _Dakota: a spiritual geography_
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