Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Learning to think.

From: Helena Chester <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 16:07:00 2003

I agree with much of what Joe says too. I am not taking an oppositional
position at all! I know how important freedom to choose is to learning. I
chose to do a Masters project by research precisely because *I* wanted to be
the one to choose what I focus on. And I had a choice in choosing the
university, but the supervisor was attached to that university, so that's a
natural conseqence. I work within that setup (and am happy to do that). I
want the benefit of my supervisor's experience, and I appreciate any
feedback I get from her.

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> Hi Everyone,
> I agree with Joe's comments. This model is deceptively simple. The more I
> understand the more I recognize how many beliefs I used to have that were
> on false assumptions. Its like the block game Jenga where you keep
> beliefs about what children should learn. At a certain point the whole
> tumbles down and you learn to observe your children and question anyone
> anything to yourself or anyone else.
> Evelyn
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