RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Learning to think.

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 15:15:01 2003

> There is a lot I want to learn from the Sudbury model, and I
> can see ways I can improve things in my classroom by
> incorporating some of these things (and I have actually
> already been doing some of them, but not as expertly).
> However, there is no need or even desirability to totally
> replicate another system.

Just for the record, the type of environment the Sudbury model allows to
emerge cannot even come close to being recreated by adding "elements of
democracy" and "elements of student choice" into the classroom.

But again, Helena, you will not likely grow to understand this because
you can't let go of your belief in a classroom setting where students do
not have full control of their lives.

There is not need or desirability on your part to fully give over your
classroom control to students - fine, but let's be up front here: you
don't see the need, because you don't understand what I am saying,
because you have not given it a chance, because you are walking into
this unwilling to let go of what you have previously learned about

Good luck in your endeavors,

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