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> Dear e-group,
> The following letter has been sent to the Queensland Premier
> expressing the views of the Summerhill meeting. We urge all members
> of this group to join the lobby, if they have not done so already.
> Best wishes
> Michael Newman
> Summerhill School
> Leiston, Suffolk IP16 4HY
> Dear Hon Peter Beattie MP, Queensland Premier
> Summerhill, the oldest school in the world based on children's rights
> voted at its community meeting unanimously to write this letter in
> support of The Booroobin Sudbury School. We urge you to save this
> school, and are sending copies of this letter to educationalists and
> those involved in human rights around the world. Further details of
> Booroobin can be found at: www.booroobinschool.com.au
> Around the world there are schools based on children's rights and
> participation. These reflect the values inherent in the UN Convention
> on the Rights of the Child, and on citizenship and freedom in a
> democratic society. These schools are being seen as reference points
> in the discussion on education for a modern world. They reflect such
> ideas as restorative justice, learning through experience,
> participative democracy, the skills and attitudes for life-long
> learning, the development of community values, the development of
> creative and emotional intelligences. The history of these schools
> goes back over 80 years.
> As children and staff we have experienced the threat of government
> intervention in trying to close our school, luckily the British
> justice system allowed us to win a legal agreement that now makes us
> the most protected school in England, with its own appropriate
> inspection system. This is partly because even the British Department
> for Education and Skills recognised how important schools like
> Summerhill are. Sadly, though Booroobin is as important as Summerhill
> it does not have the fame that would help it to survive an attack
> from officials.
> We urge you not only to protect this school but to explore it and to
> start sharing, with pride, the invaluable experiences of its
> children, with everyone in education in Australia and around the
> world.
> We conclude with the voice of one of our students, James Friss-
> Lawrence, when he addressed the Ministers of Education from around
> the world at the ICE, UNESCO conference in Geneva, `Education for all
> for learning to live together', 8th September 2001. The speech is
> published in the conference's final report (Annexe X):
> "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a student studying out of personal choice
> at Summerhill School, a democratic boarding school in England.
> "I have come here to speak of democracy in schools and its relevance
> when learning about citizenship, and more importantly the individual,
> or should I say the individual child.
> "At my school, pupils and teachers live together in a democratic
> community, where we have an equal vote and an equal say. It is an
> international school, with pupils from Asia, the Middle East, Europe
> and North America. We all learn tolerance and respect through living
> together, and accept each other's cultural and ethical backgrounds.
> Using this, I have been elected as school ombudsmen, that is, the
> person who is responsible for solving disagreements between all
> members of the school - teachers and pupils - using peaceful
> dialogue, patience and understanding. I have
> been elected every term for three and a half years.
> "Participating in community democracy has given me: a sense of
> responsibility for others; the skills needed for peaceful resolutions
> in disputes; a way of taking part in the creation and use of law and
> justice; and space to understand who I am and what I am to the world.
> In this way I am able to participate as a citizen of the world.
> "As Jacques Delors said in the report, "Learning - The Treasure
> Within", UNESCO was founded, based upon the hope for a world that is
> a better place to live in. I share that hope, and like to think that
> every child will have the opportunity to learn what I am learning,
> for these values that I hold are evident in the spirit of this
> conference.
> "A number of these schools already exist in many countries, such as:
> Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Thailand, the
> Republic of Korea, Costa Rica, Portugal, France, Germany, Denmark,
> Israel and Palestine. It is my hope that such schools will prosper
> and be successfully founded in other countries as well.
> "I and many other pupils attending these schools have been lucky in
> what we have experienced, but why only us?
> "Despite the fact that Summerhill and schools like it correspond so
> precisely to what you are recommending here, some of them are facing
> the threat of closure.
> "These schools may close and need your support, as the hopes of this
> conference are in these schools. All that I ask is that these schools
> are recognized, and have a chance to prosper.
> "In this way you can show the world that using democracy,
> participation and respect for children's rights, you help form the
> strong individual citizen, but only if you take action and do not
> make these simply the words appearing in the final report of a
> conference."
> Yours sincerely
> Michael Newman
> On behalf of Summerhill School
> Leiston, Suffolk, England IP16 4HY
> www.summerhillschool.co.uk
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