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From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Sun Aug 24 09:56:00 2003

Hi Lorraine,

It is very possible to start a Sudbury school in NY. In fact there are
two Sudbury schools in NY, us and Longview
( The requirements you read only apply to
public schools and home schoolers. They do not apply to private

In order to start a non-profit private school in NY you have to be
granted a Regent's Charter (not to be confused with Charter Schools).
The Regent's Charter is granted by the NYS Board of Regents. In the
first few years of the school, you will probably be given a Provisional
Charter and have to re-apply every year. At some point (I am told) you
get a real charter and no longer have to apply every year.

Most of the questions that you need to answer on the Regents Charter
Application are innocuous. The only one that caused us any thought was
"Describe your Curriculum" (or something like that). We answered this
question by providing a 10 page, two column list of all of the subjects
that our students "might" learn. This list included all of the things
the state would like us to teach, including "citizenship" and "why
communist economies are doomed to failure".

The school you may be referring to in Albany might be the Albany Free
School. They are a democratic school, but not a Sudbury school.

If you do decide to start a Sudbury school in Ithaca, I will more than
happy to lend you what ever assistance you need. I grew up near Ithaca,
my family still lives there and I think it would be a great place for a
Sudbury school.

Hudson Valley Sudbury School

On Sat, 2003-08-23 at 11:48, wrote:
> I will be moving to Ithaca NY in the fall this year and I hope to
> either unschool or preferably start a sudbury valley type school.
> However, I just read the reporting and testing requirements for new
> york state at and I'm wondering how either
> would be possible given the information that the state wants. They
> seem to require a by subject by hour curriculum.
> Is anyone on this list affiliated with a new york state sudval school
> or another state with equally ridiculus reporting and testing
> requirements? I know there is at least one school in New York listed
> at the sudval site. I think there is a fairly new school in
> Albany. What I'm wondering is how it is possible to fulfill such
> requirements when the students are in charge of their own education.
> How can they be free to learn what they want to when there are testing
> (every other year) and repoting requiremnts BY SUBJECT! UGH!! Who is
> responsible for the reporting, the school or the parents? Do students
> at the NY schools have to be tested every couple of years? Is there a
> way around this or should I move to another state? (just kidding - i
> think)
> Any info would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Lorraine

Jeff Collins <>
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