[Discuss-sudbury-model] New York state sudbury schools

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Date: Sat Aug 23 11:52:00 2003

I will be moving to Ithaca NY in the fall this year and I hope to either
unschool or preferably start a sudbury valley type school. However, I just read
the reporting and testing requirements for new york state at
www.hyhen.org/regs.htm and I'm wondering how either would be possible given the information that
the state wants. They seem to require a by subject by hour curriculum.

Is anyone on this list affiliated with a new york state sudval school or
another state with equally ridiculus reporting and testing requirements? I know
there is at least one school in New York listed at the sudval site. I think
there is a fairly new school in Albany. What I'm wondering is how it is
possible to fulfill such requirements when the students are in charge of their own
education. How can they be free to learn what they want to when there are
testing (every other year) and repoting requiremnts BY SUBJECT! UGH!! Who is
responsible for the reporting, the school or the parents? Do students at the NY
schools have to be tested every couple of years? Is there a way around this or
should I move to another state? (just kidding - i think)

Any info would be appreciated.

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