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From: Christy Taylor <>
Date: Thu Aug 21 15:25:00 2003

I am located in Owen Sound Ontario. I have been involved in a few attempts
to start a Sudbury model school in my area as lead by Victoria Serda.
Unfortunately it has not worked out yet. Until I moved, Victoria and I
un-homeschooled our daughters together. As I mentioned, we can possibly
continue this but only on a very part time basis. I also don't have the free
time that I used to as I am now single parenting without any financial
support from my ex. All these wonderful challenges! :)

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> Christy,
> Where are you located?
> -Joe Jackson
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>> I have been a silent member for quite awhile now and truly
>> appreciate the insights, perspectives and conversations that
>> are shared. Not coincidentally they tend to bring me messages
>> of reinforcement at moments when I waver between what I
>> instinctively know to be true and the outside pressures to
>> conform. At present I would like feedback from anyone who
>> wishes to comment in regards to my current dilemma. I have
>> recently moved to a new community which makes maintaining my
>> daughter's un-homeschooling arrangement with another family
>> impossible to continue. At best they could get together once
>> every week or two. If I keep her at home with me then she
>> will be fairly isolated and as I work at home, even more so
>> because she will have to spend at least four hours of every
>> day without any interaction with me so that I can do my work.
>> The only other possible option (I just WON'T send her to
>> public school!) is for her to attend a new private school
>> where she will have some freedom. For instance, there are
>> lessons of math and literature in the mornings for 1 1/2
>> hours but my daughter can choose not to participate if she
>> wants. She does however have to then play quietly by herself
>> so as not to disturb the other students. Then in the
>> afternoons, each day they will have a particular "theme" such
>> as, CANADA, whereby each student must participate on some
>> level. The students can choose what they would like to learn
>> about Canada....such as, drama in Canada or music in Canada
>> etc. but they still have to choose something. There will be
>> no tests or marking of work but the work will still be looked
>> at and 'guided' by the instructors. After this class, which
>> lasts for approximately 2 hours, they have to take a quiet
>> time for 30 minutes and then the school day is done. I am so
>> exhausted by all this and would appreciate any comments.
>> Thanks, Christy Taylor
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