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From: Christy Taylor <stagedoor_at_bmts.com>
Date: Thu Aug 21 09:09:00 2003

I have been a silent member for quite awhile now and truly appreciate the
insights, perspectives and conversations that are shared. Not coincidentally
they tend to bring me messages of reinforcement at moments when I waver
between what I instinctively know to be true and the outside pressures to
conform. At present I would like feedback from anyone who wishes to comment
in regards to my current dilemma. I have recently moved to a new community
which makes maintaining my daughter's un-homeschooling arrangement with
another family impossible to continue. At best they could get together once
every week or two. If I keep her at home with me then she will be fairly
isolated and as I work at home, even more so because she will have to spend
at least four hours of every day without any interaction with me so that I
can do my work. The only other possible option (I just WON'T send her to
public school!) is for her to attend a new private school where she will
have some freedom. For instance, there are lessons of math and literature in
the mornings for 1 1/2 hours but my daughter can choose not to participate
if she wants. She does however have to then play quietly by herself so as
not to disturb the other students. Then in the afternoons, each day they
will have a particular "theme" such as, CANADA, whereby each student must
participate on some level. The students can choose what they would like to
learn about Canada....such as, drama in Canada or music in Canada etc. but
they still have to choose something. There will be no tests or marking of
work but the work will still be looked at and 'guided' by the instructors.
After this class, which lasts for approximately 2 hours, they have to take a
quiet time for 30 minutes and then the school day is done.
I am so exhausted by all this and would appreciate any comments.
Christy Taylor
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